Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LiveBlogging Game 6, Cajun Style: OVERTIME

10:50- As Jeremy Roenick says, "Wow." Jeremy Roenick is also saying other things, right now, on the TeeVee.

10:52- So, wait. Was Big Shooter correct? DID the puck go in off of Marian Hossa's skate? Great tiger/great drama if so.

10:55- Okay, bets on the game-winning (potentially series-winning) goal. I say Matt Carle for the Flyers, Marian Hossa for the Blackhawks.

11:00- Over on the Twitter James Mirtle is arguing with Don Cherry about the North Americans vs. Europeans ridiculousness. WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW AAAAAHHHH SHOOTING THE PUCK GLOVE SAVES, ETC. THIS IS NERVE-WRACKING. And I don't even have a dog in the fight.

11:02- I forgot about van Riemsdyk. How is his stock these days?

11:03- I'd like to revise my earlier telegraph about Matt Carle winning it for the Flyers. That was frivolous eccentricity. I think it'll be Claude Giroux. I stick to my Hossa/Blackhawks prediction, though.

11:06- Wait, what? Weirdest Stanley Cup-winning goal ever?

11:07- Damn, man. That's in. Patrick Kane. Jeezus.

11:09- Anti-climatic as a wet blanket. Well, now Hossa has a Cup. Goodbye forever, 09-10 NHL season! Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks. They're a good team.

11:11- Philly crowd seems surprisingly decent. So who's going to get the Conn Smythe? Pierre McGuire talking to Jonathan Toews, who just dropped a reference to the "there are no words" commercial. My oh my. I do like that Toews boy; he's a gent.

11:13- Gary Bettman walking out to a symphony of boos. And the Conn Smythe goes to...Jonathan Toews! More boos. Good old Philadelphia.

11:17- Seeing Hossa hoist the Cup was actually moving. I've never seen him more excited. Which makes sense, because he just won the Stanley Cup...

11:18- It's the role players who stand the most chance of multiple Stanley Cup wins. Andrew Ladd = 2-time winner.

11:26- Well, I reckon that's it for this liveblog. JR getting emotional. GOOD NIGHT.

11:27- Actually, one more thing. Jesus Christ are you seeing Jeremy Roenick cry? It's a shame he never won.


GoPuckYourself said...

For the Hawks=Hossa. For the Flyers=Coburn.

Cause we're Thrashers fans.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Indeed. I'll never forget Hossa circa 2007.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Coburn I don't remember so much. I do remember Alexei Zhitnik.

GoPuckYourself said...

Jeremy Roenick...that's awesome.