Sunday, May 10, 2009

Craig Custance Nails It

Sometimes I'm not sure who I miss more, him or Marian Hossa.

One paragraph. That's all he needs to encapsulate everything that's wrong with this Balsillie nonsense:

This situation is another reason why it's so important that the league wins its current battle in Phoenix. If Jim Balsillie and the Coyotes ownership discover that the blueprint to move teams is to file bankruptcy, completely overpay for it then move it when you can't find a buyer to match that price, it would set a horrible precedent. Sure, you might think a team in Hamilton is a good idea, but what if some rich person in, Athens, Georgia, thinks its a good idea to pay $300 million for the Thrashers, have the team put in bankruptcy to make it happen, and then move the Thrashers to the Athens Clarke County Civic Center, I'm guessing we could all agree that's not good for the NHL. Unless you live in Athens, then you love this scenario.


swegs said...

i live in athens so BRING IT ON! el oh el

Mortimer Peacock said...

As long as you could bring all your UGA friends to the arena. Maybe the name would have to be changed to the Thrashing Bulldogs.