Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Atlanta Spirit Only FOURTH Worst Owners in NHL?

What do we have here? Sports Illustrated appears to have published its rankings of the Best and Worst owners of NHL teams (the owners of the Red Wings, the Devils, and the Sharks are in the top 5, as they should be) and our own Atlanta Spirit are only ranked 4th Worst.

Outrage! We all know we can do better than this! Why only 4th Worst? Surely the ATL Spirit are the #1 Worst Owners in the league; Sports Illustrated is clearly biased towards the Leafs.


Jay said...

They were well on there way to the top spot but they showed improvement at the end of the year and finished fourth worst. Oh, wait, that was the actual team. Sorry. :(

aaron said...

Wow. They even suck at sucking.