Saturday, May 9, 2009

Exclusive Big Shooter Interview With City of Hamilton Mayor

That's right folks. Big Shooter has been away for a while, but don't fret... it was all for work. With news that Mr. Blackberry has resurfaced and trying to move the Yotes to Southern Ontario, I jumped on a plane to get the scoop up in Hamilton. Here is my exclusive interview with Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger:

BS: Fred, thanks for taking time to sit down with me.

FE: Eh.

BS: So, big news about the Coyotes possibly on the move to Southern Ontario. Where does Hamilton stand on this issue?

FE: You betcha we are excited. Balsillie has tried to get a team here before, and we hope he is successful this time around.

BS: The NHL seems dead set on stopping him. That would have to be a big disappointment for the folks of Hamilton to come close and lose out again, would it not?

FE: Eh. But this time we have a back up plan. This Monday I plan on meeting a group of investors from Atlanta that are looking to move the Toronto Maple Leafs to Hamilton.

BS: Wow, that is big news! Although, with the state of the Leafs the last few years, this shouldn't really come as a surprise. Does it make sense though to move a team just one hour south of it's current location?

FE: In this case it does. I overheard a guy saying the Leafs were up for sale because the team has been bad the last few years. And ownership and what not. There are no fans with the lack of history of the Leafs, they haven't won a Cup in like 50 years, eh. Let's face it, teams that don't win the Cup have to move.

BS: What does that mean, "ownership and what not"?

FE: Yes, that's right... exactly.

BS: Eh?

FE: Look, don't argue with what I overheard some guy say.

BS: Well, Fred, thanks so much for your time. Will you keep us updated?

FE: Sure, you betcha. I'm meeting with a third group from Nashville next week that wants to move all six Canadian teams to Hamilton and combine them to one team. I'll let you know how it goes. They even have a website, http://www.makeitone.usa/

BS: Nice, I'll go check it out. Thanks again Fred. Please thank your lovely wife Martha for the homemade Maple Syrup. Talk to you soon.

Well, there you have it kids. Big news out of Hamilton. More on this story to come...

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.


Jay said...

I read the link on The Big Lead about a group that wants to move the Thrashers to Hamilton for the 2010 season. Don't these people realize that if the Thrashers as an on-ice product don't improve, you can move them anywhere with the same results in regards to attendance?

Big Shooter said...

Obviously, I was having some fun with that "story". The team is not going to move, and it has nothing to do with it's play.

We don't even know who owns the team right now. The naming rights to the arena demand both an NHL and NBA team or Philips can walk. ASG owns the arena and would be selling about 44 nights they would have to replace.

Of course, none of that was in the article.

FrenchCatalogues said...

Eh, everything reeks of horseshit. I hate this cowboy mentality that anybody can take anybody's team because it is a sunbelt team.

Jay said...

What I meant was that all the Canadien fans/media ever talk about is how hockey in the southern United States isn't working and the teams should be moved to Canada where the attendance would flourish because they have all of these huge cities that apparently none of us are aware of. What they fail to mention is that the teams they are talking about aren't exactly the cream of the crop when it comes to performance. Atlanta could be a great hockey market if the Thrashers played better. Same with Phoenix, Miami, Tampa, and Nashville. These cities are bigger than any available cities in Canada. All of these southern US cities have shown in the past that they can support hockey if the on-ice product is worth watching. Sure the Hamilton Thrashers/Coyotes/Predators/Panthers would draw well initially. But after a few seasons of what the current cities have experienced, the attendance would drop there as well. None of these southern teams have been in their locations long enough(especially the Thrashers and Predators) to fully develop a fan base. It takes a generation. Adults that live in Atlanta might already have a team they follow, but their kids might not. Teams need to stick around until those kids who grew up with nothing but the Thrashers, Preds., etc. become ticket buying adults. Fucking Canadien media.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Amen, sir.

Big Shooter said...

Well said Jay.