Friday, May 1, 2009

Reporting vs. the Outward Forms of Reporting

By now most of you have read the Falconer's two-part interview with Don Waddell (if not: part 1 here and part 2 here). It's far more probing than just about anything I've read in the AJC's coverage of the Thrashers.

I realize I'm hammering away at this point pretty damn tediously, but I think the coverage and analysis you get at a place like Bird Watchers' Anonymous is far more lucid and comprehensive than the feeble generalizations you get from the purged-and-thinned AJC. For a comparison of the Falconer's interview with some recent "reporting" from the AJC, you might be interested to lookee here. Again, I know I'm a broken record on this subject, but it's important, I reckon.


Anonymous said...

I hate to kick the AJC while they're down, but if they are going to tank then we had better find a way to siphon readers off to join the far more entertaining and substantive hockey blogosphere.

The Falconer said...

How much do I owe you for this endorsement? Warning: I've already promised my firstborn and one arm and one leg to someone else.