Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Dead, Actually

I know your lives have been only half-lived in the last few days, what with the Chronicle ceasing to publish for a weekend and all.

No worries, though: your editor is still among the living. It's just that 1) he's been struck down for a week or so with a non-swine flu illness, and 2) an afternoon thunderstorm gobbled up his Internet connection a few days ago. Power surge, or something.

But ne'er you worry; normal Chronicle operations will resume shortly. I'm sure there are hockey things to talk about right now, with the playoffs and the World Championship going on and all that, but I've been cut off from civilization and need to ease back into the hockey-blogging groove. For now, let's meditate on this lovely painting of a solitary fellow waiting for the Paris Metro.


aaron said...

You too? I think the swine flu is a cleverly concocted PR front distracting us from some other mystery illness floating around... I'm busy trying to shed the remnants of some sinus-based devilry.

I love the metaphor of standing at the edge of a subway platform as being poised on the brink of a giant yawing chasm, ready and waiting for the first mis-step to send you tumbling into a bottomless black void...

...or maybe I'm high on Dayquil.

Take your pick.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Yeah, I had some kind of hell-spawn sinus infection as well. I'm just now recovering.

Outsider/Chronicle playoff party/sinus convalescence soon?

aaron said...

absolutely. when & where?

Mortimer Peacock said...

I'll have to inspect my schedule (betting on the dog races), but I promise to let you know via the Email Railroad very very soon.