Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kovy Leads Russians to Gold for 2nd Year in a Row, Army Earns Silver (hooray!)

Team USA was in contention for the bronze medal at the World Championship earlier today, but sadly not even the magnetic looks of Ronald SASG Hainsey could prevent a Swedish victory. Damn.

A few minutes ago, Russia beat Canada in the gold medal game. I don't believe Kovy had a point in this game, but he was the team's leading scorer and probably the best player of the entire tournament. In short: Russia wouldn't have won without him. Hopefully two gold medals in two years will put the Czar in a magnanimous mood...

THIS JUST IN: The Czar named Tournament MVP. Congrats, Your Excellence.

Kovalchuk again

Now sign the contract. And ask Nikulin and Radulov to come to Atlanta.

UPDATE: Apparently Dany Heatley just can't help this thing he does:

Kovalchuk was left screaming at the referees after having a tooth knocked out by an inadvertent high-stick from Dany Heatley. There was no call on the play.

Good thing that the Czar-Mom is a dentist.

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