Thursday, May 21, 2009

News on teh Internetz

(picture copyright Chicago Tribune, yeah yeah, whoa hey, back off dude, come on man it's the Internet)

- Hey, do you know about Glenn Hall, the Chicago Blackhawks goalie who played 502-straight regular-season games over eight seasons, without a mask? LEGENDARY goalie, and human being. If you do know about him, it's reasonable to infer 1) you've wondered if he's still alive, and 2) wondered what his thoughts on the game today might be.

Well, sirs and misses, you're in luck. Because the Chicago Tribune has found the answers to these Important Questions:

Nowadays Hall, "Mr. Goalie" to Hawks fans who remember him from the 1961 Stanley Cup champions, only feels like throwing up while watching a sport he often struggles to recognize. The player who still owns an NHL record considered untouchable -- 502 consecutive games by a goalie, all without a mask -- lamented, "I am not a big hockey fan."

"It's a goon game now," said Hall, 77. "It used to be a skill game, but it's not anymore. It's changed. They don't call penalties for charging, boarding or hitting from behind. You have to question who's educating these officials. So I don't bother to watch much."

-From the Arizona Republic: "The Coyotes, for now, are staying here." YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

But wait there's more: "Judge Redfield Baum, during a four-hour hearing in downtown Phoenix, ordered the league and owner Jerry Moyes to seek mediation on who controls the bankrupt franchise."


- But whoa whoa whoa, hey ya, look at this:

A potential local buyer has emerged to give Jim Balsillie some competition in his attempt to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton.

A group headed by Coyotes minority owner John Breslow has notified the NHL it plans to submit a bid to buy the financially moribund team from Jerry Moyes and keep it in suburban Glendale. Breslow, whose primary residence is in Las Vegas, will not give interviews on the matter according to his lawyer, Scott Cohen, but he is a “huge hockey fan” who wants to “work with the NHL and the city” to prevent the team from being sold to Balsillie and moved.

- Some playoff or something going on tonight. I think I'm interested in the Canes-Pens series, what with all the Staal-on-Staal violence, but I'm not, really. Perhaps others in the world are. Tuomo Ruutu and Erik Cole won't be there, so why bother?

- Whoa hey remember net-crashing hockey psychopath Kyle Beach, a mean young feller who likes to score goals and antagonize his enemies, from last summer's draft? Your editor wanted us to draft him with our meagre 29th pick, but he knew Beach would probably be gone by then. "Turns out" the Blackhawks got him. And it "just so happens" that they've signed him to a 3-year deal.


There is absolutely nothing else going on in the Hockey right now, and really this is all boring shit until the draft, so here's a picture of Emmanuelle Chiquiri of Entourage fame:

Entourage, when does that start back? Soon, I think. Oh, and True Blood! Can't wait.


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