Friday, May 29, 2009

This is America Dude

ZOMG it's Friday.

The Stanley Cup Finals, which have the pig flu, will be starting sometime this weekend, which means the NHL season will be over in a week or so, thank God, because that means we can go back to focusing on Thrashers stuff what with the draft and our imminent signing of Mike Cammalleri. Not to mention Ilya Kovalchuk's extension (haw haw).

And after that, the waste land of August and September. The cruelest months.

Because it's Friday, and because Friday weekly commemorates the end of slavery, and there's no fun or even mildly interesting stories from the Hockey right now (everyone keeps talking about this Hossa business; HELLO I liked Hossa way before all these mainstream poseurs; I saw him open for Animal Collective in 2005, fuckin' crazy as shit it was) here's some cool and/or bizarre things to enliven your day:

YES. Next:

I wouldn't hire any other private detective. Next:

Viva viva viva. Next:

Watch the rest of it. Imagine a prequel to The Departed, because it is, in fact, the prequel to The Departed. Next:

Where in God's name was this filmed? And now for some Just Music No Picture:

Wanted to share the great, great, great scene in Jim Jarmusch's Ghost Dog where Forest Whitaker is driving around at night listening to this, but the damn YouTube robots won't let me embed it. Ah well, great song even without Ghost Dog. Next:

Unfuckingbelievable. One wonders what it would be like to have Chaucer or Montaigne on film. Next:

Tropicalia. It is summertime for sure. Next, some Soviet propaganda:

And finally:

All of that should clog up your weekend, right? Myself, I'll be spending it watching one of the greatest tests of physical endurance and athletic ability known to man.


FrenchCatalogues said...

I saw Hossa open up for Mission of Burma in 1980 in Moscow at underground anti-communist gig. Igor Larinov was there as a ripe 20-year-old in ripped blazer with buttons of Ronald Reagan on them. It was weird to say the least.

Mortimer Peacock said...

wahahahaha, that's actually an amazing vision.

I think I was at that same show. If I'm not mistaken a very young Sergei Fedorov was there too, wearing a leather jacket with a huge picture of Margaret Thatcher and the Pope safety-pinned to the back.

aaron said...

I've got the misprint 45 (on marble vinyl!) of his cover of the Dead Milkmen's "Surfin' Cow" in his native Slovakian.