Saturday, May 9, 2009

TSN Should Be Ashamed

As we all know the Toronto Star put this article out today. First, I typically don't like papers that have "star" or "sun" in their name; it seems a little yellow to me, yellow journalism that is. Then TSN, which I tend to respect, puts this article up relaying the same information.

Now for a clear look into why this is all absurd I'd tell you to go to the Falconer's post, here. He gives good analysis on why the deal for our team to move would just not work. People who know anything about the Thrashers know that both the Hawks and Thrashers are tied to the lease of Philips and so on. Basically the financial losses involved if they moved would not be worth it.

You know last night I watched Citizen Kane for the millionth time, which obviously deals with sensational yellow journalism that doesn't have much backing of its sources. It's journalism filled with ideas but no legitimacy. I didn't know that I'd wake up today to see the hockey media, especially TSN, put up such a sourceless article. Sure the guys that want to move the team spoke, but there is no Atlanta side to this article. Nor do they mention the naming rights situation. In these situations there our side of the situation is hardly ever included. The Canadian media always latches on to these ideas and never does their research to see how bogus certain assertions might actually be. In the end I just don't see Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby in Hamilton because that seems more plausible than just the Thrashers going. Psh....

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