Monday, August 2, 2010

Todd White to the Rangers

That's right, Todd White is now officially on the rag.

C-Viv: "@ajcthrashers Thrashers have traded Todd White to New York Rangers. More details to come."

Stay tuned to see what we get in return, other than an extended middle finger from everyone besides Glen Sather who realizes what the Rags have just acquired.


It's Donald Brashear and Patrick Rissmiller. Rissmiller is a 31 year old American who has played a whopping 6 NHL games. [RE-EDIT this was a mistake. I overlooked 2005-2008 in which he played a combined 176 regular season games for San Jose posting 45 points and 60PIM] I remember the name, so at least one of those games was probably against Atlanta. He has no goals, assists, or penalty minutes in his NHL experience. He'll spend the duration of his tenure with the organization playing for the Wolves.

So this is really White for Brashear. Brashear hasn't really been himself since his last concussion. He split last season between the Rangers and their AHL affiliate in Hartford, racking up a total of 98 penalty minutes and 7 points. He is best known for his dirty hit in the 09 playoffs on Blair Betts and for being on the receiving end of a much worse incident involving Marty McSorley that ended that great goon's career.

The Thrashers just dumped Todd White for some more dead weight. Oh well, at least we don't have to look up and see White moping in the press box at every home game this year.


According to Ben Wright, "@BenThrashers Brashear goes straight to waivers and will be bought out if he clears. #Thrashers"

So why make the trade and not just buy out Todd White? Well White was set to make $2.6 million this season. Brashear, 1.3 mil. Both just have one year on their contracts. This lets Atlanta buy out dead weight for less money. And for some reason we got Patrick Rissmiller, too.


Speaking with a Ranger fan has shed some light as to why Rissmiller was involved in this trade. The AHL has a $10 million salary cap. Russmiller is making 1 mil in the AHL and Todd White also has a one way contract, so if (when) the Rags send White down to Hartford, his AHL cap hit will remain 2.6 million. In order to keep enough bodies on their AHL roster, the Rangers had to shed some minor league salary, which is why Rissmiller had to come back our way.

This whole trade has been nothing but stock brokers trading around assets to hedge their losses on a company that went kaput.


Matt said...

Buying out Brashear, Riss is just a body for the Wolves. Got rid of White and his salary for less. Good financial move and hopefully will open spot for Cormier or perhaps free enough $ to entice Max back into the fold.

Mr. Speaker said...

I don't think that is accurate -- the 10 million cap in the AHL cuz how does CHI expect to ice a team in Rockford if Huet and his $5.625 M salary is parked there? Perhaps that is why there is talk about him getting loaned to Europe. Also, Todd White could not be bought out because he was injured, had surgery and hadn't been cleared by the Thrashers to play. Hence the trade to get a cheaper asset for a buy-out. Just thought you'd like to know what with you seventeen edits and all!

GoPuckYourself said...

Maybe now we can use some of that money on a certain Mr. Afinogenov, eh?

Still need goals. Glad Whitey's gone, but we still need goals. Definitely don't think that Duds is done just yet.