Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thrashers Will Accept This Zubarev Person


Vivlamore tweets:
Thrashers will announce signing off Andrei Zubarev today.

So what do we KNOW about this Andrei Zubarev, besides the fact that he's an actual Russian person? How do we know that he won't use his contract with the Atlanta Thrashers and his apartment in Buckhead---granite countertops and stainless steel fridge and all---as an innocuous-looking cover for his REAL career as a Putin-era spy?

Because he probably wrote the Thrashers a nice cover letter, something along the lines of "I will complete your team. I will be the missing link between Too Many Defensemen and a Mega-Army of Awesome Defensemen. The word 'failure' is not in my vocabulary, whereas the word 'proactive' is not only in my vocabulary but is actually my favorite word, because that's what I am, all the time. I'm a team-player who will lead this team to head-severing glory. I'm also proficient in Microsoft Word, HTML, CSS, JAVA script, Adobe Reader, Advanced Power Point, etc."

MORE, including an interview, at the Blueland Blog.

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