Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hockey Players and Winsome South London Singers: WHAT'S THE CONNECTION?

Odd things afoot, my friends.

Both Bobby Ryan and Scottie Upshall have recently been using Twitter technology to promote winsome London ginger-sprite Florence & the Machine (the "machine" being some poor nameless guitarist she drags around everywhere she goes). What gives? Your Chronicle was under the impression that Florence & the Machine was a musical act known only to Goldsmith College students and NME-readers. Is she suddenly popular on these shores?

Glancing at the Internet, I see that she's scheduled to play the upcoming annual MTV Video award thing. TBC gave up on following what the crazy kids on the MTV are doing years ago (playing hott brand new ax like youthful punk urchins Green Day, we assumed), so it figures that we're out of the loop. Unless we're talking about Jersey Shore; THAT'S a different story.

Anyway, we're enjoying Bobby Ryan's Twitter feed. He seems like that rarest among the universe's Ten Thousand Things: a non-boring hockey player. AND WE'D BE GLAD TO HAVE HIM IN ATL.

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