Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"They try to kill your style." WHAT IS VARIABLE PRICING?

Dum dum dee dum, just checking the email. Um, hello?


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We're in favor of this variable pricing. It will be as revolutionary as the variable foot that Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams brought to English-language poetry.

Just got off the teleporter with Big Shooter. He sez to me, he sez, " Why should a Saturday night game against the Penguins cost the same as a Monday night game against the Islanders?" HE'S RIGHT, YOU KNOW.

I was almost convinced by the email's air travel analogy, until I remembered something. Air travel would be a nice analogy, but a Swissair or Austrian Airlines flight where the stewardesses are actually attractive and keep refilling your glass even if you're in coach, and the seat in the middle is purposely unbooked, for Comfort, costs a bit less than being surrounded by screaming kids in a seatbelted dungeon cell in Delta's coach section. But then again, this variation in pricing has to do with demand, not with quality, so it makes sense after all!

What am I saying? I don't know.


GoPuckYourself said...

European soccer clubs have been doing this for years. I was looking into a trip to England to see a match this spring, and quickly discovered that it would cost me an extra 150-200 dollars a ticket if I wanted to see my club play Chelsea as opposed to another EPL team. Teams can get away with it because the demand is always so high for those matches.

We may not have the demand for tickets the way global soccer powers do, but this is a very positive move for the Thrashers. We're taking a little bit more money from the Yankee fans who still worship their teams they supported before they moved here...and hockey diehards (or potential bandwagon jumpers) can get cheaper tickets to weekday games, which could see a boost in attendance if the team plays well.

That being said, tickets for any Sabres home games should be marked up 600% regardless of the section.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Very good points Mr. Puck Yourself. Stay in touch.

I was about to ask you, "Do you think that teams like Chelsea and Liverpool and Man United charge less for games where they're playing their B squads?" until I realized that such games would be against lesser opponents, so OF COURSE they would, etc.

CaptainStefan said...

You guys are getting Mandarin comments too? "The pen is mightier than the sword"... oh wait, Sean Connery came to mind for some reason. My apologies. Carry on.