Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's Play Twister, Let's Play Risk

Rick Dudley has things to SAY, bitches. LISTEN. He's the Lao-Tzu of our time, what with his "There’s been talk of going back from time to time" and "One thing it would do is you’d have to be disciplined" aphorisms. Why do you not listen? Fucking hell, peeps.

Now, the problem with that music video is that it's too good.

Rickard Dudley baffles us. We have no idea what to say about the man, other than "Perhaps he has no idea what he's doing. Perhaps, we dare say, we've traded one reign of error for another and nothing will substantially change until we've got a new and engaged ownership."

That might be premature, though.

In times of confusion, it's natural to seek out things that remind you what truly matters.

What truly matters?

Count us off, drummer.

SAY, do any of you like dancing in empty dining halls or beside a pool? If so, you might impact the Atlanta Thrashers in subtle but profound ways.

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