Monday, April 26, 2010

Things to Write About on the Internet

A vital question for people aspiring to write about the Atlanta Thrashers and/or hockey in general for a modest Internet audience: For your next post, is it best to write....

a) a fake "Alabama Journal of Maxim A."

b) a post about "how 'bout them playoffs? They're happening, as expected..."

c) a post about how you'd like the Thrashers to hire Evgeni Nabokov next season, seeing as how he's your favorite goalie and all,

d) a post about how eye-shavingly boring such posts almost always are

e) a post acknowledging that the Thrashers have a new GM

f) a post about how evil Marian Hossa must be

g) a post defending Marian Hossa from charges of Evilness

h) a post about how Nabokov would never come here anyway


This is an important question for anyone who, like your TBC staff, types on a 1980's typewriter and then glues their work to the Internet.


the jointhead said...

MY Morning Jacket live was a cup full of awsomeness. The band was ultra tight and Jim sounds amazing live. Short set, but they were full of energy. Even the drunken frat boys behind us trying to sing like jim couldn't ruin the night.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I'm glad to hear it. I'd really like to see them one of these days.

Drunken frat boys trying to sing like J.J. = comical. Because they're frat boys and Jim James has one of the best voices around right now.

Did they play "Wordless Chorus?" I do love that one so.

LNP said...

There's already a real article about Mad Max in the Birmingham News from Friday! Enjoy!

The jointhead said...

Jim was rocking twin nintendo duck hunt guns holstered on his hips. They played wordless chorus to kickoff the enchor (sic?) and I swear Jim shot me at the end of the song.