Friday, April 23, 2010

To Spur Discussion Only

This is just a pie in the sky scenario, but thought it would make a fun debate/discussion. If Dudley got a phone call this Summer, all on the same day, with offers to trade or sign for each of these players, which one if any should he choose?

1) Ilya Kovalchuk (assume it's for a reasonable price, about 8-9.5 mil per year)

2) Jarome Iginla (far fetched, but he might be willing to waive his NTC to come mentor Evander Kane and be an ambassador for hockey in this market)

3) Martin St. Louis (I know, it turns my stomach, too, but I once had a dream Atlanta won the Stanley Cup with him on our team)

4) Jack Johnson (Salary dump from LAK team trying to sign Kovy)

5) Brian Gionta (Same scenario as Jack Johnson)

6) Carey Price (Is he really any better than Ondrej?)


Daculafan said...

I would have Iggy in a heartbeat. I like JJ too and he would be worth it.

Gionta, Price..pass

St Louis...a great scorer but his age is not working in his favor

Kovy...that ship has sailed and let it continue to sail..if he was such a savior why are the Devils the first to bow out of the playoffs?

A2B said...

Bobby Ryan and Anahiem have hit an impasse... im all after going for him and Iginla. Nabakov if he reaches FA?

Andrew said...

I'm looking forward to the day Kovy signs a contract so I won't read about the possibilities of him returning to Atlanta.

Mortimer Peacock said...

The only player I would think Dudley would take is Jack Johnson. Iginla and St. Louis are great players but they're both getting older, and I don't see them fitting in with the whole youth movement we've got going on. Then again I would nominate both of them for Most Consistent Player in the NHL. Year in year out, they both deliver. Sort of like that one guy that scores at least 40 goals every season.

Speaking of Kovy, it's hard to blame the Devils loss on him, isn't it? I mean, leading the team in scoring and all. It IS obvious, though, he never really fit in with that system.

At any rate, Dudley must bring us Bobby Ryan or GTFO.

Jay said...

I'd love to see Iginla, Jack Johnson, or Bobby Ryan in Thrasher Blue(or red on Thursdays). None is worth the 8th overall, but New Jersey's pick would be in play with me. I wouldn't mind Price actually. Atlanta is a very low pressure market, which I think Price would do well in after being crucified in Montreal. Him and Pavelec would be a nice 1 and 1a tandem. As much as I enjoy watching Kovalchuk play, that is not an option any more.

Razor Catch Prey said...

While I agree that Kovy returning isn't a realistic option anymore, would you really be upset if he came back for 8.5m/yr?

Dudley has said he would like a veteran leader (i.e. Andrychuck in TB) to come in and create the kind of culture he wants. Iggy isn't a graybeard yet, but wouldn't he fit that role perfectly? He's one of the best leaders in the NHL and personifies the kind of player we want. Add to that the fact that he's Evander Kane's hero and it makes for a great combination.

Jay, I disagree with you about at least JJ and Ryan not being worth the 8th pick. If you can get a guy under 25 who is in the top 20 in his position in the league in exchange for that pick I think you have to do it. Brian Burke would throw in several more picks.

Jay said...

Kovy would NEVER sign with the Thrashers for $8.5M. It wouldn't look too good for him to have turned down a better offer during the season to end up coming back for less. Plus, Dudley is on the record as saying Kovalchuk wasn't that great of a captain, which I'm sure didn't go over well.

In regards to JJ and Ryan. I was probably off base by saying Ryan wasn't worth the number 8. I wouldn't give up the number 8 for Johnson though when we already have a stable full of defensemen(Enstrom, Oduya, Bogosian, Hainsey, Kulda, Vishnovskey, Postma, Valabik, and possibly Kubina). I think the 8th pick would be better served trying to find an elite level scorer, which is what this team sorely needs.

Andrew said...

>> While I agree that Kovy returning isn't a realistic option anymore, would you really be upset if he came back for 8.5m/yr?

Yes, I would be upset. This team is better off without him. Much like NJ was better off without him. Fantastic player, one of the top 10 when he decides to bring his A game, but he can kill team chemistry. I have no idea why this is, but watching the Devils pre and post Kovy is a mirror image of watching the Thrashers pre and post Kovy. I think Kovy would be best off in Detroit or Pittsburgh. Teams with enough egos and discipline that it would keep his game in perspective and allow him to flourish. But Atlanta... no way, don't want to see it.

GoPuckYourself said...

I could see us ending up with any of those guys except for a certain Russian who used to play here. Dudley likes to make deals at the draft, so I could see us moving a defender plus that 1st we got from NJ to acquire one of those guys.