Monday, April 12, 2010

First Ever Blueland Chronicle Fantasy Hockey Results

Now, I know all of you have been waiting to find out who among us here at TBC (commenters and contributors)knows the most about the hockey. Clearly, the only way to finalize this was to host our very own fantasy hockey league. Some of you that have known me for a long time will say, "Shooter, aren't you the guy who used to always say how stupid fantasy hockey is and it doesn't show your knowledge of the game at all?". My response is yes, but that was before I started winning.

Yes, that's right. I crown myself, for the third year in a row (obviously from different leagues), Big Shooter, as Champion of the fantasy hockey!!

Thank you, thank you. Really.... I appreciate your applause.

Thank you.

Thanks everybody.

Please, please... we have to get on with things. Thank you.

Here now, the results:

1) Exploding Bovines (Big Shooter)

Thank you. Thanks again, everybody.

Thank you.

Please, please I have to finish...

2) Sweg's Swashbucklers (Swegs, and only in second by the slimmest of margins, 24 points)

3)Santiago Swine (Mortimer Peacock)

4)My Dixie Wrecked (Jay, amazing comeback to finish in top 4 and winner of best team name)

5)Outsider Hockey (Aaron of BWA, formerly of Blueland Outsider)

6)RazorCatchPrey (Razor Catch Prey, winner of least creative team name)

7)The Hosers (not sure who this is, but I believe they won one of our free ticket giveaways here at TBC)

8)The Party Line (A2B)

9)Roll Jointhead Roll (Jointhead)

10)The Brogosians (same as #7, I believe)

11)The Cuban Linx (Frenchy, he treated this much like he treats our blog, he didn't
give a shit)

12)Squirrelly Rednecks (Downtown Atlanta)

There you have it my friends. I hope you join us next year for more pretend fun.


Anonymous said...

oh hay wat u guise tihnk of teh kozlov

Big Shooter said...

You can find our Kozlov discussion a few posts down. Seemed to be pretty evenly split with me being on Kozlov's side and everyone else on John Anderson's side.

Don't think we really need to get into it again. But that is up to u guise, I suppose.