Saturday, April 3, 2010

Until my head explodes/ Until my headache goes. GAME DAY: Pittsburgh Penguins

So yesterday Monsieur Catalogues and I make the stupid decision to go to Lennox Square Mall around 5:00, for the Clothing. Crowded, lots of people, etc. One of these people was a Blue Crew girl---Kristen, we believe---and by golly we saw her, right there, in the clothing place. Anyway...

The Thrashers will keep on trucking, keep on driving 100 mph through the desert on amphetamines, keep phuquin' that chikkin, et cetera until they are mathematically eliminated, or stumble comically into the playoffs, or whatever. How will they cope in the City of Penguins without "impact guy" Colby Armstrong? Time and TeeVee will tell.

Kane is back. Kubina still out. Everyone's favorite antlered Swedish gentleman is in net.

Yes, I am on a huge QOTSA kick right now. Particularly their Rated R record. Has to do with the arrival of spring, I think.

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