Thursday, April 29, 2010

If, when, why, what? / How much have you got?*

Well. Yesterday certainly was a wacky one in the world of athletics, was it not?

For example: the Washington Capitals have now so disgraced themselves that certain players will have to swim to the World Championship, or to their native countries, or wherever they go for the summer. Even worse: they have to take the long way around, through burning oil and dead manatees in the Gulf of Mexico. This is what happens when you choke!

Already Capitals fans are calling for Bruce Boudreau's plump bald head. Might be a bit rash, but if he must go, might I suggest José Mourinho?

Actually, forget that. I want José for the Thrashers.

MEANWHILE: There's a whole 'nother round to go before we even reach the conference finals! If you're interested, you can look back at my first round predictions and have yourself a chortle. I did get half the victors right, which probably means I also got half wrong. Got none of the predicted series lengths correct.

My predictions for the second round, not that you asked:

Pittsburgh vs. Montreal

Who I'd Like to Win: Montreal.

Who Will Win: The Penguins in 6.

Philadelphia vs. Boston

Who I'd Like to Win: I guess Boston, though I'm not that fascinated by this one.

Who Will Win: Philly in 6.

Vancouver vs. Chicago

Who I'd Like to Win: Vancouver.

Who Will Win: Vancouver in 6. I'll also declare for all to read, now and forever, that they'll win the Stanley Cup this year.

Detroit vs. San Jose

Who I'd Like to Win: The Sharks getting past the second round would be as exotic and as fascinating as a two-headed marmot.

Who Will Win: Empirical science indicates the Red Wings, but I'll be foolhardy and say the Sharks manage to win it in 7. I predict Marleau and Thornton find their will to live in this series. Setoguchi-Pavelski-Clowe will be a monster, obviously. If San Jose really does manage to get through Detroit, then all bets are off, including my prediction about Vancouver.



GoPuckYourself said...

Oh, how I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE to see somebody with half of Jose's charisma behind our bench. However, it would seem he stole any personality Rick Dudley and Don Waddell had a long time ago. Those guys are cut from cardboard.

Plus, anybody who says Sir Alex Ferguson drinks shit wine and tells opposing teams fans to be quiet and openly talks about how big his ego is is my hero.

The real question after yesterday's games is who failed harder yesterday--Ovechkin or Messi?

Mortimer Peacock said...


That press conference was hilarious. I think my favorite moment in that video montage you link to is at 1:26 when he starts shaking hands. OOZES charisma, that dude.

There are definitely parallels between Ovechkin and Messi, aren't there? But then again, Messi has won the Champions' League and might well lead Argentina to a World Cup trophy this summer. Ovie just has nothing to compare that with.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Also: shushing the other team's fans = gold.

Razor Catch Prey said...

I am going to refrain from stating who I want to win this round. Why? Because my "want to win" list was 0-8 in the first round. That's right, I was rooting for (not that I predicted victory) the Avs, Preds, Kings, Coyotes, Caps, Devils, Sabres, and Sens.

It has been a very rough first round.