Monday, April 5, 2010

The Good News

There are actually two bits of good news this morning:

1) The playoff scenarios are much simpler now.

2) We are about to be put out of our misery.

All in all the team played two very good games against the Caps and Pens, but were only able to eke out one point. That leaves the standings as of this morning at:

# Team Pts Games Remaining
6- Montreal 86 3
7- Boston 84 4
8- Philly 84 3
9- Rangers 82 4
10- Atlanta 81 3

So the scenarios are now pretty simple. If the Thrashers win out their remaining three games, they would garner another 6 points for a total of 87. They do not have the tie breaker with any team ranked above them, so they would have to finish one point ahead of two of those listed teams in order to get in the playoffs.

If the Habs finish out 0-2-1 or better, the Thrashers cannot pass them. If the Bruins or Flyers get three points in their remaining games, the Thrashers cannot pass them. If the Rangers get five points in their remaining four games, the Thrashers cannot pass them.

Obviously, if the Thrashers lose on Tuesday, then they will be unable to catch Montreal and the Bruins and Flyers will only need two points to be out of reach.

So it's win three and hope that either Montreal finishes 0-3-0 or Boston goes 1-3-0 and Philly goes 1-2-0. Win two and hope both Boston and Philly lose all their remaining games.

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