Monday, April 12, 2010

Playoff Wishes/Predictions

I invite my colleagues here to share their own predictions and wishes. First, I'll tell you what I would really like to see happen, then I'll share what I actually expect reality to present to us.

First off, my fantasy playoff bracket:


WAS/MON- Caps in 4
NJ/PHI- Devils in 6
BUF/BOS- Sabres in 4
PIT/OTT- Sens in 7
WAS/OTT- Caps in 5
NJ/BUF- Sabres in 7
WAS/BUF- Caps in 6


SJ/COL- Avs in 6
CHI/NAS- Preds in 7
VAN/LAK- Kings in 7
PHX/DET- Coyotes in 7
PHX/COL- Yotes in 5
NAS/LAK- Preds in 7
PHX/NAS- Coyotes in 6

PHX/WAS- Caps in 6

Ok, that was fun. Now let's let reality back in the room and take another look:


WAS/MON- Caps in 4
NJ/PHI- Devils in 5
BUF/BOS- Sabres in 5
PIT/OTT- Pens in 4
WAS/PITT- Caps in 7
NJ/BUF- Devils in 6
WAS/NJ- Devils in 6


SJ/COL- Sharks in 5
CHI/NAS- Hawks in 4
VAN/LAK- Nucks in 5
PHX/DET- Wings in 4
SJ/DET- Wings in 5
CHI/VAN- Hawks in 7
CHI/DET- Wings in 6

NJ/DET- Wings in 6

Reality is so much sadder. :(

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the jointhead said...

The wings have the experience to go balls deep in the playoffs, but I don't think they can go all the way this year. I know regular season is meaningless now but the caps look pretty hard to beat.