Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Come get some, you little bum." Cooke Clobbered by Coruscating Kane Clip

Evander Kane is now the greatest human of all time.

When we here at TBC interviewed young Mr. Kane last summer, I asked him about boxing. He told us of his love of Floyd Mayweather.

That, friends, is what happens when a pseudo-tough guy like Matt Cooke makes the mistake of challenging a dude who actually knows how to throw punches.


Spent some time after the game at the Highland Inn Ballroom with K-Belle and Mr. Speaker, listening to Monsieur Catalogues' DJ set. In the midst of dancin' tunes from the Human League, New Order, Outkast, Roxy Music, Donna Summer, and Blondie, Mr. Speaker came up with a brilliant idea: when the Thrashers skate out next season, the arena folk should have the good sense to forego the usual milquetoast FM fare and play Big Daddy Kane's "Warm It Up Kane."

THAT, babies, is the goddamn jam.

CORRECTION: It's been pointed out in the comments section that the "Warm It Up Kane" idea was the product of not one but two vigorous minds: Mr. Speaker suggested the arena folk play Big Daddy Kane, then Monsieur Catalogues suggested "Warm It Up Kane." We regret the error, etc.


JuneyMoon said...

You're right. If they don't snip that "warm it up Kane" riff they are idiots. Aw hell, look who I'm talking about.....

Razor Catch Prey said...

For anyone who has sympathy for Matt Cooke, I offer you the following links:

j_barty_party said...

Morty - I am truly humbled by your ability to capture the essence of an event such as "come get some you little bum -- Cooke Clobbered by Coruscating Kane". What a memory to take away from a very memorable night. Kane was omni-present and seemed to rankle the Penguins at every turn, Moose was stupendous and the chorus of deafening "Moooooose" calls will resonate in my heart forever no matter where he ends up and the sight of Mrs. Benning standing up and walking onto the ice to receive the 7th Fan Award was nothing short of touching and remarkable. I nearly shed some tears and, despite our team's life-sucking performance over the last 2 weeks, found myself wishing the season would continue fore at least two more home games. Alas, more incremental progress and all sorts of bullshit to come over the next several months, but at least the boys showed us what passion they do in fact possess, at least once in a while.

PS - As for the BDK suggestion, I can only take half credit for the idea as Monsieur Catalogues enthusiastically reminded me of the grand song "Warm It Up Kane" while he was working the ones and twos at the kids' sock-hop last night. Oh what a night!

j_barty_party said...

Oh yeah, by the way, your interview of young Kane was truly the stuff of journalistic legend and we need to send a transcript to the ASG offices to implore them to market Kane to the limit plastering his face on billboards and getting him onto TV stations everywhere, including BET! The city of Atlanta shall be HIS!!!

FrenchCatalogues said...

That's right Morty! Speaker had the BDK idea, I provide the tune.

GoPuckYourself said...

Right after I get my Charlie Davies jersey, I'll be getting a Evander Kane jersey. I wanted one already, but after seeing THAT, it's time to break out the credit card.

Kane for Captain next year? Or at least an A? Thoughts? Chicago gave Toews the C at an early age, and that's turned out okay so far.