Monday, March 22, 2010


...this is a promising time for Thrashers fans. I think I should probably revise what I said about the "march to the playoffs" lacking drama and excitement. Revise, not retract: the Thrashers really were boring me to distraction until the last few games. Needless to say I'm glad events have taken a new course.

In the comments section of your Chronicle's previous post, Go Puck Yourself wrote of tomorrow night's game, "Biggest game since the Rangers series. We aren't true fans if we aren't there tomorrow night."

Seconded. Everyone who has the means should come to the game tomorrow and be as riotous as possible. And perhaps even dress up for the occasion! I'm talking party hats, face paint, brown thrasher costumes, sunglasses at night, etc...


Big Shooter said...

Quite a shame this game falls on a Tuesday, but I suppose we should be glad we have a game to be excited about.

I TOLD you guys this team couldn't score any goals!!!

GoPuckYourself said...

My ability to attend tomorrow's game has taken a massive hit, as my lucrative offer to co-workers has been denied by everyone. Fucking degenerates.

Since I'll be able to go to the Leafs game (WEAK) on Thursday, I'll be riotous then. I plan on flipping at least 3 cop cars over before I enter CNN Center that evening.

You people damn well better be partying like rock stars tomorrow.

Andrew said...

>> And perhaps even dress up for the occasion!

May I suggest that the ladies don the newly released NHL bikinis?

Andrew said...

If anyone needs a ticket, I have an extra (my $99 season ticket)* It's in 219 or so and it's free.

*I hope that's not against blog rules.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Rules? Andrew, if you think we have rules, you must be new here.

IF the Thrashers can pull off a win in regulation tomorrow night it would put them one point ahead of Boston for the 8th spot. Boston would have one game in hand, but it would mean that they are the ones looking uphill.

In addition, the Flyers have lost 2 goalies and now face the rest of the regular season without Jeff Carter. The Sens are falling like a rock.

Play hard and win games, and the Thrashers may yet find themselves in the 8th, 7th, or even 6th spot come April 12.

If that happens, then all will depend on the temperature of a Moose.

Mortimer Peacock said...


As Razor says, there are few to no rules round this place. And I admire your generosity.