Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thrashers Might Be for Sale, Says Vaguely-Worded Report

Jeff Schultz has read an article in the New York Times all about sports ownership during the Greatest Recession. It includes this paragraph:

Now that the economy seems to be on the mend, owners who held off selling during the downturn are seeking to unload their teams. According to sports bankers, the teams thought to be for sale include the Atlanta Hawks, the Memphis Grizzlies, the Golden State Warriors and the Detroit Pistons in the N.B.A; the Stars, the Atlanta Thrashers, and potentially the Columbus Blue Jackets in the N.H.L.; and baseball’s Houston Astros.

This would be consistent with all we've heard about the Atlanta Spirit looking for new investors, Rutherford Seydel's word jazz in SovsSport about Russian investors, etc. But this is coming from "sports bankers" making speculations, so...

Could they be for sale? Who knows? Where's my green eyeshadow? Anyway...


A2B said...

AM I nuts or does taking both games in the home/home series with the Flyers give us a shot to legitamitely catch them admist their freefall? It puts us 4 points behind them and only 2 behind boston then (figuring boston loses to the Pens).

Razor Catch Prey said...

You are right. There is still a very slim chance of the Thrashers making the playoffs, but it is going to require:

1) One heck of a run over the remaining games.


2) One heck of a stumble by the Bruins and/or Flyers.

The Bruins haven't been as bad as I'd hoped since losing Savard. Plus, you have to remember that we still have to pass the Bolts and Rags to get into 8th. The Rangers and Flyers play each other in a home and home to end the season, so there's at least four points that will be distributed between two of the teams ahead of us.

Actually, there are 5 games the rest of the year between some combination of NYR, PHI, BOS, and TB. They are: NYR-BOS, BOS-TB, NYR-TB, NYR-PHI, NYR-PHI.

In addition, the Thrashers have three games against those four teams remaning: BOS, and two against PHI.

Obviously all of the games the rest of the year are crucial if this team wants to see the playoffs in person. But those games against the Bruins and Flyers are the most important of all. Win those and you close the gap significantly. Then you hope the Rangers can just split their games the rest of the way out.

A2B said...

And so we are back to the scenario were we started. Win your games and you make the playoffs... imagine that concept.