Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5 Questions, a Statement, and a Parenthesis

Where to begin?

The power play that never shoots (yeah yeah I know all the people in the crowd yelling "SHOOOOT" are annoying, but that doesn't mean the Thrashers don't have a problem with taking shots; my this is a long parenthesis)?

The superstitious disbelief in rebounds?

The long passes through the neutral zone that almost always get picked off and end up back on our side of the ice?

Just about everything else?

Truly, this is a team of epic sadness.


Big Shooter said...

Well... I know where to begin. Nearly did a post on it this morning but have decided to wait. Now is not quite the time but I'll do it soon.

After having missed last night's game due to certain obligations, now I see what people mean about the arena looking empty. Wow. It somehow appears more empty on the TV than it does in the person.

Three games, two goals, 0 points. Where are all the fans now that loved to whine about Kovalchuk's defense costing us games and we are better off without him? When I saw we were down by 2 I thought, there is no way we can come back. I even said to Razor on the phone even if we hold them scoreless the final 2 periods (which we did), you tell me where 3 goals are going to come from. They aren't there. We don't have the firepower anymore.

But hey, at least we get to play as a team now, because... you know, I guess somehow Kovalchuk didn't count as part of the team or something. I don't really understand that argument. People that say that, in my opinion, are really reaching. OK, better stop now. Almost starting doing my post I promised above...

Mortimer Peacock said...


And you should continue with your post.

The other thing I don't get: the people who are all "haw haw Bergfors has 6 goals as a Thrashers and Kovalchuk has 3 or something as a Devil." Well, DUH. We don't have a ton of scorers on our team, so the responsibility comically falls to a rookie like Bergfors.

Kovalchuk is a scorer among other scorers on the Devils. On that team he's a role-player, not a leader. An important role-player, but it's not like he has to carry the burden of being expected to score all the time, like Niclas Bergfors.

I don't know...our forwards are afraid to shoot. There were at least two unbelievably frustrating not-shooting-the-puck moments last night: one time where Colby Armstrong waited too long to do something with the puck, another time where Antropov did the same with an open freaking net. You could argue that Antro didn't have a proper opening (he didn't), but even so you STILL have to fire the puck: that way there can be rebounds, etc... Just holding on it forever doesn't seem the best way to go about things.

But at least Ilya the Terrible's reign of terror is over, and the Thrashers have learned to play As A Team.