Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Miller's Off Night Spares Thrashers

Well that was a heck of a game. Come out and chase the Vezina favorite in the first ten minutes, blow that lead over the next forty minutes, then let Jimmy "The Gladiator" Slater bulldoze giant Tyler Myers and score the game winning goal by crashing the net.

As I told Morty in the first period, if the Thrashers' marketing and in-game entertainment crew had their heads on straight, somebody would have found a clip from Miracle of Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks telling his team "You just put the best goalie in the world on the bench" and put it up on the big screen while cutting to shots of Ryan Miller sitting out.

As always, there was an overabundance of exuberant Sabres fans in attendance. I don't know what they're all doing in Atlanta other than not being in Buffalo, which is probably excuse enough.

So that's 1 win down, 9 wins and an overtime loss to go in order to make the playoffs according to the Globe and Mail. Come on, Jimmy, you can keep this up for a while longer can't you?

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Razor Catch Prey said...

Am I the only one who thought the green tint on the highlight reel (done for St. Paddy's) looked really good?

Maybe in the sweeping overhaul of the Thrashers' image I'm advocating for the offseason should include a change of our primary colors to green and white.