Thursday, March 4, 2010

Game Day: Islanders

The Thrashers sit four points closer to a playoff spot than the Islanders with two games in hand, one point out of 8th and 2 points out of 7th. The Rangers (9th), Bruins (8th), and Habs (7th) all play tonight, so if they want to move into playoff position tonight, the Thrashers need to win and hope that some combination of the others lose.

Dan Kamal is reporting that both R2 and MacArthur will be in the lineup tonight. Apparently the lines will be:





Call me crazy but those look like a formidable four lines to roll out against any team, let alone the Islanders.

Best of all, The Chronicle and Rawhide are receiving a beautiful gift. Our wish to see both Kozlov and Todd White in the press box rather than on the ice.

To help you during this playoff sprint, the Chronicle will make an effort to point out which teams you should be cheering for/against as the standings change.

As I mentioned, the Rangers, Bruins, and Habs currently occupy the spots directly above the Thrashers in the standings. All three play tonight, so you should be cheering for the Leafs, Sharks, and Caps this evening.


GoPuckYourself said...

Our luck against the Islanders has been atrocious this year, so here's hoping the new blood in the lineup can cause a positive change in the standings. Plus, the Islanders got better at the deadline by subtracting Andy Sutton, so watch out!

And since Boults is scratched, he should just wander around Blueland punching any and all obnoxious Islander fans in the face. Screw Thrash and that T-shirt gun and his flamboyant dancing. That's the mascot I want for my team.

swegs said...

R2? explain, i know who your talkig about just dont get the reference or what ever it is. nickname?

swegs said...

nevermind, just got it, im dumb

j_barty_party said...

Apparently they used to call C-Mac "Grizz"...short for Griswold? Plus, he has a furry fro of a hairdo when he lets it loose...kinda like some other dude I know round Blueland.

Bad numbers vs the Isles YTD:

Shots For Avg - 29.3
Shots Agt Avg - 35.7 (-6.4 net)


GF Avg & Sht % - 3.00 & 10.23

GA Avg & Sv % - 4.67 (no funny business) & .869

Bigger ouch!!

Hope the new guys make a difference! Vive la difference!

Mortimer Peacock said...

The Islanders are irritating as hell to play against.

Chris Thorburn now = C-3PO.

I could really go for a Long Island Ice Tea right now.

Jared said...

Oh my god. R2, that was just downright nasty.

Sonny Perdue said...

Go Thrashers.