Friday, March 19, 2010

"Give me soul and show me the door..."

Two important news items for your Friday drive home, or to the liquor store, or wherever (we know you read the Internet on your IphoneBerry while you're driving):

- The other day the Chronicle seconded Rawhide's proposal of a relentless letter-writing campaign on behalf of the storied Kiss Cam Couple. But apparently you can't propose someone else for the 7th Man Award; you can only write essays on yourself. Good to see that even the Atlanta Thrashers have adopted the dreary solipsistic M.O. of college creative writing programs and Oprah's Book Club memoirs. Also: why do the Thrashers hate old people?

-The NHL has invented a bold new thing: team-themed bikinis (to be worn by all)! Ha, what WILL they think of next?

Have a good weekend, everybody.

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