Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who's That Woman on Your Arm, All Dressed Up to Do You Harm?

Two urgent things, reader.

1) AJC blogger Bill "Rawhide" Tiller has been writing some of the greatest posts of his already-lustrous career lately. Funny, imaginative, good sense of the Hockey, etc. What's not to like? Do read some of his recent output.

2) One of those recent posts concerns the annual 7th Man Award that the Atlanta Thrashers give to some important superfan or other. Rawhide has a bold suggestion for this year's 7th Man thingy: why not award it to TWO people, specifically the elegantly dressed couple of a certain age that always pop up on the Kiss Cam? I literally can't think of a single reason they wouldn't deserve it, as they come to every single game, and uh, as Rawhide says:

They have weathered life’s storms, endured hardships, troubles and tribulations…something we Thrashers fans case certainly relate is some measure to…as well as shared many wonderful moments in life as well along the way. And they still find a way to make it to so many home games…together.

INDEED. Get cracking, Thrashtards! We need a massive letter campaign on behalf of the Olde Couple.

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Big Shooter said...

Mine will be in this week.