Monday, March 29, 2010

Game Day: Canes

According to the website, the above picture is actually of a cane made from a bull's penis. Of course I had no choice but to make that today's representation of our opponents. And before you chastise me for associating our opposition with virility, remember that it had to be cut off before it could be made into a cane.

The boys did a great job on Saturday in Raleigh in front of an impressive turnout of Thrashers fans who made the 5 hour trek up I-85. John Anderson's Come-to-Big-Shooter-meeting must have done some good. We'll see how long it lasts.

Last night, Ilya Kovalchuk was in effect playing for Atlanta again, as he faced the Flyers who were just two points ahead of the Thrashers. Unfortunately for us, an over-the-hill Martin Brodeur was also playing for us last night, so we now sit four points behind the Flyers with one game in hand.

Montreal and Philly are both idle tonight, so if the Thrashers can defeat Carolina tonight, then they will sit just two points out of 6th place.

That's right, that's a 6 (six).

Don't get too excited now. While they would be just 2 points back of 6th place Philly/Montreal (and maybe Boston if they win tonight), the Thrashers would still be in 9th place. If Boston loses tonight and the Thrashers win, then both teams will have 80 points, but Boston will hold the advantage in tie breakers (games in hand and head to head record, both teams would have identical w-l-otl records).

However, wouldn't that outlook be promising with 6 games left and only needing to get one more point than Boston, or two more points than Philly to make the playoffs?

Non-Thrasher games to watch this week:

Monday- Buffalo at Boston
Tuesday- Boston at New Jersey
Wednesday- Carolina at Montreal
Thursday- Philly at NY Islanders
Florida at Boston
Friday- Montreal at Philly
Saturday- Boston at Toronto
Buffalo at Montreal
Sunday- Detroit at Philly

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