Sunday, March 7, 2010

Game Day: Canes

So that damned Finnish netminder stymied the Thrashers again last night. 17-0. Legendary. Infamous. More than famous.

Lose a game and you're sitting on the outside looking in again, perched upon 9th place. Rebound with a win today and you could be back in, but only if Montreal loses in regulation. This is one tight race, folks.

The Canes have been the hottest team in the NHL since one of the Staal clan took over as team captain. Reminds one of the Thrashers last season when Kovy donned the "C." However, their star goalie is injured and they've traded away several good players since the last time we faced them. Hopefully the reloaded Thrashers can buffer the winds of the depleted but still raging Canes.

Today is also Kid's day and I will be bringing my nephews to their second ever hockey game. They love Zach Bogosian (though last night they insisted his last name is in fact Maccaroni), so it would be nice to see him get back on the score sheet.
Other teams to cheer for today: Ducks (playing Habs), Sabres (Rags), Leafs (Flyers), Pens (Bruins).

1 comment:

Matt said...

Fucking fuckers.

"Oh, we're fighting for a playoff spot". Really? Then don't play like fucking dogs against the dregs of the division in the Bolts and Canes.

How in the hell can this team be so inconsistent? They annihilate the Isles and play like this? Inconcievable.