Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your Top 10 Greatest Moments Ever from Yesterday's Olympics

10. The large part of the crowd at the arena formerly known as GM Place shouting "LAT-VI-A! LAT-VI-A!" much to the embarrassed dismay of the Latvian team.

9. Realizing that there are an awful lot of Ryan's on Team USA. They might even be over legal capacity.

8. The U.S. women's team just cold piling it on the Russian team. Even the Americans in the crowd were cheering for at least one Russian goal, for self-respect.

7. Watching the Canadian hockey team and realizing, "Oh, so THAT'S how they're going to be."

6. Watching the Russia-Latvia game, sighting a Russian player who seems to be advanced in years, and saying "Who is that decrepit cosmonaut who's seen so many space hockey voyages? Oh hey it's Sergei Fedorov."

5. Ovechkin high-fives Kovalchuk after Kovy's hellacious goal, but ignores set-up man Malkin.

4. Mike Babcock feels very silly for putting Jarome Iginla on the fourth line.

3. Mike Milbury being condescending to Jeremy Roenick, and Roenick treating Milbury with the appropriate (restrained) contempt.

2. Puckheads everywhere freak the fuck out over CBNC showing the end of a women's curling match between the USA and Japan instead of the start of the Canada-Norway game. Further proof that NBC's Olympic coverage will ignore genuinely exciting stuff in favor of any old thing that features the US America, even if it's not in their best ratings interest. The wrath of the puckheads was justified, of course (I complained about it on the Twitter myself), but it also furnished further proof that when a sports fanatic is in heat they can't stop, look at the obvious, and say, "Yes, I'm irritated about this momentary snag in the hockey coverage, but the Japanese curling team, that one girl in particular, is epically cute." Because no attractive woman athlete compares to the dizzying feline grace of Sidney Crosby, see.

1. David MF'in Backes.

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j_barty_party said...

Holy shit! I had roughly 8 of these same 10 thoughts pass through my head before reading about how I thought about them. Huh? What?

Anyway, how the freakin' hell did we lose to a bunch of HS children from Japan in curling!? Chokers.

Re: Roenick's contempt...awesome. He HATES Milbury, but doesn't everybody these days?

I also noticed that Kovy seemed quite sullen after his goal until King Ovy gave him some dap. Hmmmm, perhaps Kovy will take a pay-cut and find his way to Washington. I bet Leonsis could sign that Latvian goalie, Masalskis, on the cheap to replace Theodore. Then they will only need to pay 4 D-men to play in front of Kovy, Semin, Ovy, Backstrom, Fleischmann, Morrison and Laich.