Friday, February 5, 2010

The Blueland Chronicle Tool

Well, kids... remember this post back in the day. You know, when I called out Rory Boylen of The Hockey News for thinking Kovy might not re-sign. I proceeded to call him all sorts of names, my favorite being "weenie". Rory, being a bigger man than myself, popped in to join the fun on our blog. Rory and I have kept up being new found friends since then via the e-mail machine.

Rory even checked in earlier today to see how we were doing after the big trade (via the Blueland Chronicle hate e-mail address):

Big Shooter,

Sad day in Thrasherville?


It's always good to see when someone gets the joke and has a little fun with it.

Just wanted to publicly say, Big Shooter was wrong. He is also a first class Tool, Douche Bag, Asshat, and Weenie.


Mortimer Peacock said...

Tune in tonight at 11! TBC has assembled a team of prize-winning scientists to determine once and for all who the Top 10 Best Hockey People are. We have the data, folks, the debate is over! Tonight at 11.

j_barty_party said...

Big Shoots - we're all crestfallen due to the fact we bought into Kovy's apparent sincerity about staying. Was he sincere? Who knows? Is it just about the money? Prolly not. But we all feel a little worse about humanity today as a result of this dildo-ramming debacle. U NO WEENIE! At least you're funny, unlike Rory.

Big Shooter said...

Rory is good people. Leave him alone!

Mutton Sourdough said...

I gotta admit, the funniest part of all that to me was when you remembered calling him an "asshat" and apologized for that one.

Also of note: on first glance I swear I thought the word verification was "putzism" but it turned out to be "putstsm"