Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What to Look Forward to TONIGHT

The Finns are dangerous. Mark it. In your notebook. Or on your BlackBerry, or whatever the kids are using these days. They've got a deep and talented team that plays smart two-way hockey, and Teemu Selanne is on the cusp of becoming the highest-scoring Olympic dude ever, as Mike Chen clarifies and elaborates upon in this winning tribute to the Finnish Flash.

Games tonight? remember the Atlanta Thrashers, right? The hockey team we used to write about, back before the Olympics? Well, some of them are playing tonight. We'll get to see what Toby Enstrom and Johnny Oduya can do in an Olympian context starting around 7:30 on the CNBC, when Sweden engages the Germans and their Christian Ehrhoff. Sweden. Sedins with Alfredsson, I bet. Zetterberg and Backstrom and Loui Eriksson on the second line. And then Peter Forsberg on the third line. They ought to be alright.

Later, around midnight, we get an honest-to-goodness actual game: Slovakia vs. the Czech Republic. Pavel Kubina, he'll be there. So will Ondrej Pavelec, but on the bench. Let me tell you something about the Czechs: if Tomas Vokoun plays as well as he's played recently in the NHL, the Vaclav Republic has a damn good chance of procuring a medal.

Jagr will be back. More tantalizingly, Forsberg will be back. If you're not watching tonight, you are an actual hockey philistine.

P.S. Goddamn, these Canadian chicks have no mercy. Poor, poor Swedish ladies...

P.P.S. circa 8:11 PM- Is it possible that this many people love curling?

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