Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Support Your US Americans in the Team USA Olympics

Well now, don't you just love the Olympics? In particular our young men and women wearing the Red, White, and Blue. I know I do. The Olympics are off to a roaring start. The last medal count I have is 2 Gold, 2 Sliver, and 4 Bronze Medal's for America. That puts us one behind ze Germanz. Keep in mind this does not yet count our Gold Medals in Men and Women's Hockey.

Want to stay on top of all the latest and greatest Team USA news via your Twitter Machine? I've just been made aware of this website...

Go and have a look why don't you. You can find all sorts of cool (or in loyal reader K-Belle's fashion... "neat") stuff. Like how to get great USA merchandise and how to support our guys in many ways other than screaming at your Teevee*. It is a must read during these truly Olympic times.

And don't forget to read Morty's Ten Greatest Moments of All Time that Happened to Happen Yesterday post. Seeing as how we both posted something at the same time and all.

*Copyright Mortimer Peacock

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Blaine F said...

Loved rreading this thank you