Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Game Day: Swiss

(supplemented by Mortimer Peacock below)

Well, not sure about all of you but I've waited four years for this. Game time is 3:00 today on USA Network. Those of you lucky enough to watch in real time, I hate you. The rest of you who are like me and don't get to watch until getting home around 7:30 tonight, just keep your phones turned off and listen to the iPod on the drive home.

LeBrun has a great write up on our boys this morning. You can find it here.

Apart from that, there is really not much more to say. I know this team can win Gold. Ryan Miller has the ability to be the best goalie in the tournament. The key for the first two games is to win (obviously) in regulation, and pour the goals on. Goal differential is one of the tie breakers when seeding the teams.

Go get 'em boys. Hey man, we're gone score so many goals that Swiss goalie he gonna look like Swiss cheese... huhuhuhuhuhuhu. Huhuhu.

Just remembered that Jonas Hiller is the Swiss goalie. Slightly nervous. Disregard the Swiss Cheese joke.



j_barty_party said...

Shooter, I am totally in awe of your passionate patriotism.

I think the US has a real good shot at earning gold or at least a medal. The Russians, Swedes and Czechs will be tough and you can never sleep on the Fins. But the real darkhorse has got to be Belarus. Watch out for the Red Ruskies! Didn't they upset Sweden four years ago?

Anything can happen. And probably will. Here's to nothing but solid performances from our band of Blueland boys representin' their countries: Tobes, Johnny O, Opie, Maximum Finnies and Sweet Czechums!

Go USA! Go Blueland Boys!

Big Shooter said...

Belarus upset Sweden back in '02. People keep saying Canada is the team to beat. Yes, they are very good. But this is the Olympics. ANYONE can win. Since the NHL put it's players in the games there have been 3 different Gold Medal winners. Canada has won all of 1 medal. It was a Gold against us, but they really didn't play all that well leading up to that game and in my mind got very lucky in the events that got them to the Gold game.

You know who has won the most medals going back to the early '90's... Finland. Canada or Russia could very well win. Just don't get caught up in all the hype. There are 7 countries in my mind that can win Gold.

It's probably going to be the greatest hockey tournament of all time. Just enjoy.

GoPuckYourself said...

My thoughts about our chances in Vancouver are properly summed up in song.


Yessir. USA! USA! USA!

FrenchCatalogues said...

Nothing gets me more than that speech. Good bye old man! Fantastic