Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gary Bettman Observes, Recognizes Reality

Looks like Mr. Gary has finally noticed that the Thrashers' owners are wrecking the NHL's chance to cultivate a strong market in Atlanta.

“Ultimately, the ownership situation has to be straightened out,” Bettman told the Journal-Constitution. “It’s difficult to operate a franchise when owners aren’t getting along. It’s even more difficult in a recession climate. A team has to be at its very best. Issues have to be resolved and everybody has to be together so they can interact with fans. But that’s difficult when the owners aren’t together.”

INDEED. Amazing that Gary actually knows that if a business/organization/whatever is blundering miserably, it's probably best to look to the owners and not to indulge the peasant mentality that scapegoats one person as the reason for every ill. Now, if only something can actually be accomplished and the ownership problem rectified...

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Mutton Sourdough said...

I say run em outta town on a rail! DEE-Dub can be spared since he listens to fans and answers them. But the owners have committed sins of high treason upon the franchise!

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