Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Game Day: Swiss

The United States Ryans have played well for the majority of two games and the entirety of one thus far. Their reward was a bye yesterday and a rematch with Switzerland today. The Swiss gave the US some problems in game 1, and both teams have shown improvement since.

As we all know, a hot goalie in a one game match can be the difference. See Craig, Jim 1980, Gerber, Martin 2006, Miller, Ryan 2010. Jonas Hiller is frightening. Just ask the Canadians. To beat him, we're going to have to see more production from Kane and Parise.

The biggest danger is a letdown after the big win Sunday, but Coach Wilson and Brian Burke have done the right thing by minimizing their team's accomplishments to this point. Like in college football, a big midseason upset just makes every game down the stretch the most important one you've played.

Hopefully somebody named Ryan will score a hat trick and eliminate any drama early. Then we can turn our attention to Ovie and the Czar as they look to show the Canadians what happens when they pick on someone their own size.


Big Shooter said...

Why is it every single double post seems to involve you?


Big Shooter said...

By the way, who is this Czar you speak of? Surely it must be Malkin.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Ryan Miller with the hat trick. Three empty net goals.