Monday, February 8, 2010

Ridiculousness Never Ends


So apparently I was wrong, as everyone has delighted in pointing out. The Blues really were trying to get Kovy in a trade just so they could negotiate with him while he played meaningless games on a team that has almost no hope of making the playoffs this year. So the real story here is that John Davidson is on crack.

***Blatantly incorrect post below.***

Even after the trade has come and gone, some folks just can't quit throwing crazy rumors out there about teams that wanted Kovalchuk. Check out this piece from The Fourth Period.

They claim that the Blues wanted to trade for Kovy. That's right, the same Blues who have no shot of making the playoffs and are trying to sell off Paul Kariya. According to TFP, they weren't looking to get him as part of a quixotic attempt to make the playoffs this year, but instead they wanted the chance to negotiate a long term deal with him.

Everyone in the league knows that Kovy is asking for 20% of the cap. At this point, he's not going to accept anything less from Atlanta, New Jersey, or any other hypothetical team that could have acquired his rights. So either the Blues were willing to offer him the max, which would be insane (and John Davidson is not insane), or this story is total crap.

I still subscribe to Big Shooter's analysis of this whole situation that says "if DW had iced a contender for the last 5 years, Kovy wouldn't demand 11.3 million per year to stay here." Looking just at this immediate situation though, I am starting to see that DW probably couldn't have garnered any more in a trade than he did. With all the teams knowing that Kovy was going to July 1 as a UFA no matter what, he really was the epitome of a "rental player." Why do we rent DVD's? Because we don't want to pay full price for something we're only going to watch once.

Maybe if DW had realized six months ago that Kovy wasn't going to back off of his demand we could have gotten my dream trade of Kesler, Cory Schneider, and Jordan Schroeder. But he didn't, and he ended up trading away 25 games worth of Kovy, not 82, and the price for only 25 games is Bergfors, Cormier, and a first round pick. Apparently the price of Oduya is Peanut and swapping second round picks.


Big Shooter said...

Ummm... the Blues did want to trade for Kovy. Per Custance.

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Mortimer Peacock said...

Yeah, it's pretty much a settled thing that the Blues were interested in Kovy.

A2B said...

The Blues were actually the west team that came in second according to ESPN and "their sources".

Big Shooter said...

Could Razor be the new Eklund? (BS 5)

j_barty_party said...

Damn. Just. Damn.