Sunday, February 7, 2010

Niclas Bergfors is Your New Lawn Mower

Well well well, VERY impressive. I couldn't be at last night's game on account of some thing I had to go to, but looking at the highlights I'm positively outraged I wasn't there. The game looked thrilling, the crowd was large and into it, and best of all was that pretty Niclas Bergfors goal. He is truly the next Markus Naslund.

Actually, I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. Let's see what happens against some of the higher-standing teams. But a splendid effort last night, yes indeed, you don't need me to tell you this.

Also sorry I couldn't make the season ticket holders' town hall meeting with Don Waddell. Reading the recap over at BWA and listening to the reports of our own Big Shooter, it sounds like...I don't know, most town hall meetings. These things never quite ascend into tar-and-feather, pitchfork-wielding insurrection. Oh well. Waddell deserves credit because he's responsible in the most literal sense: he responds to fans' questions, pleasant or unpleasant. He makes himself answerable. Nonetheless, I would take anything he says with 1) some measure of respect, because he obviously knows what's going on, and 2) a grain of salt, because he has a very strong interest in shaping the facts to suit his purposes.

Glancing back over the reports of what went on, I'm shocked there was no one who stood up and confidently said, "Hey Don, thanks for doing this. I don't really care about Kovalchuk being traded; I just gotta ask: Why'd you have to get rid of Anssi Salmela?"


Jay said...

That's kind of funny because when it was announced that Salmela was included, I was like "Really? We really needed to include Salmela or this wasn't going to happen?" We just gave them an all world talent and they said, not enough, give us back Salmela, we miss him. Interesting.

You did miss an awesome game. Made me very proud to be a Thrashers fan last night with the way the fans turned out and the way the team played, especially considering the travel woes they had. This is a TEAM.

GoPuckYourself said...

There's no I in "team", but there is an I in "Ilya."

Unless you went to grade school outside Atlanta, in which case that's 2 lower case L's and you have no idea how to pronounce the guy's name.

Whatever. Bergfors FTW.

j_barty_party said...

We know of at least one dedicated fan who will REEEEEAAALLLLLYYY miss one Anssi Salmela, the Finnish Bill Compton who melts ladies hearts with his possessed stare and mysterious intentions.

Mutton Sourdough said...

Hahahaha lawn mower? Does that mean his character invents/repairs lawn mowers in the TGD Saga? I vote yay.

Hancey said...

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