Friday, February 26, 2010

Game Day: Finns

So it comes to this. We got fins to the left and fins to the right. A rematch of the horrific event that is known as the 2006 Olympic Games. The Finns put us out of our misery back then. Albeit in a much earlier round. Ralfalski and the boys will be seeking some revenge this go around.

No one gives the Finns much credit. People like to say they are soft and play "eurotrash" hockey. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Finns are tough as nails and play that way. They have a very similar team to ours. Great goalie, and a pretty solid but not spectacular team to back him up. Since the early '90's do you know what country has the most medals in Men's Olympic Ice Hockey? Why the Finns, of course.

I expect another game very similar to our last game against the Swiss. This one, however, should have a little more flow to it. The Finns won't clog up the neutral zone quite to the extent the Swiss did. They do have much more offensive talent what with your Selannes, Koivus, Jokinens, and of course, your Kapanens. So I expect them to push the play a little more than the Swiss.

My point is this is no push over game. Everyone knows what happens next. We win and face the winner of the Canada/Slovakia game for the Gold. We lose and face the loser of that game for the Bronze. Any medal is an achievement in this tournament. That being said, I expect this team to win Gold. I said before there were seven teams that could win Gold. Four of them are still left. By no means is even getting to the Gold game a done deal, but I know we have the makeup to get it done.

3:00. NBC. As the great Puck Daddy once re-tweeted, "Do you believe in Millercles?".


j_barty_party said...

Are those people praying to the god of Isoceles Triangles?

And yes, I believe in "Millercles".

Problem is, I believe in "Kippercles" as well.

Should be one hellacious game!

Just wish Marty Reasoner and Anssi Salmela were both playing as it would be interesting to see which player would get more hurt or bloodier in battle.

Go USA!!!

GoPuckYourself said...

In non-Olympic news, Slava Kozlov's asked to be traded. Apparently he's looking for a team that plays a more Eurotrash style of hockey. Hmmm...

CaptainStefan said...

I don't know how Finland could open play that badly without some exterior influences on their game.

Matt said...

Quoting Carl the Groundskeeper in Caddyshack, "I have to laugh". Man, what a beat down of "Finished"land in the first period. We are NOT going to lost to a "bunch of frickin' Fins"

Big Shooter said...


Big Shooter said...

Nice Matt, "we're gonna win the greatest game of all time and lose to a bunch of freakin Finns".