Monday, February 22, 2010

30 Years Ago Today...

We all know what happened Feb 22, 1980. Sometimes simple is better. So I'll just let this picture do the talking. It just doesn't get any better than that. God Bless Herb Brooks.

The 2010 US Americans will get the winner of the Swiss/Belarus game on Wed at 3:00. Then, assuming there are no major upsets (the Swiss do make me nervous) we will have the winner of the Finland/Czech Republic game on Friday at 3:00. Winner goes to the Gold game. Loser goes to the Bronze game. Simple as that.

Oh, by the way, remember how I told you kids about the importance of Brian Rafalski's two late goals against Norway? And how that could be the difference when it came to re-seeding the teams. Well, the US Americans ended up with 9 points and a +9 in goal differential and received the #1 seed. The Swedes ended up with 9 points and a +7 in goal differential (in other words, two Brian Rafalski goals short of +9) for the #2 seed.

Let this be a lesson. Never doubt Big Shooter. Never.

Now go watch Miracle tonight.


j_barty_party said...

I think Brian Rafalski single-handedly outscored several nation states in the prelim round. What'd he have? 5 goals? Crazy stuff of legends. Brian effin' Rafalski.

Shooter, are we stuck with the winner of the 8/9 game or do we get the lowest seed possible in the event of an upset in the qualification round such as the Germans over Canada (giggles)?

Germans bomb Cold Harbor!!!

Big Shooter said...

Is it just me, or does that picture of Herb Brooks look amazingly similar to Morty's great picture of the Patriotic Dachshund (located at the top right of the Red, White, and Blueland Chronicle)?