Saturday, September 27, 2008

Schneider Trade Reax

God, my head hurts. And I'm still trying to process Paul Newman's passing.

Anyway, here's some reactions to the Klee-for-Schneider trade from around the blogosphere:

First up, Puck Wyshynski:

Atlanta blogger Ben Wright is happier than Bobby Cox in Havana, and not just because Ken Klee is gone: He believes Schneider, Ron Hainsey, Tobias Enstrom and Niclas Havelid give the Thrashers "arguably the strongest foursome in the Southeast Division." Scary part is that he might be right.

Over to Mirtle:

New coach John Anderson's suddenly got something to work with — and the need to keep Zach Bogosian with the big club isn't anywhere near as great.

At 39, Schneider has slowed down at little bit, but he was still a very solid 22-minutes-a-night guy for the Ducks last season.

Our Craig:

Schneider wasn't complaining. He had no ill feelings toward Burke, who he said worked hard to put him in a good situation.

There were six or seven teams Schneider said he wanted to play for -- and the Thrashers were one of them. His brother lives in Atlanta and he liked the idea of working with talented young Thrashers defensemen Tobias Enstrom and Zach Bogosian, the team's first-round pick in June.


Earl Sleek at the Battle of California:

It's important to understand: Mathieu Schneider was not a failure for the Ducks, and I'm not convinced he's overpaid. I think he'll have a good year in Atlanta. With the recent waiving of Schneider and the fact that 29 teams refused to pick him up for free, I think there's been a lot of misconception that "Schneider has lost it" or that "he's grossly overpaid". Those statements could certainly be applied earlier in the summer to Todd Bertuzzi, but I think in Schneider's case they're off-base.
The fact that Burke managed to move Schneider without mortgaging the future means that by my eye, this trade is a whopping success. The Ducks did pick up some $1.8M in salary with Ken Klee and Brad Larsen, but neither is signed beyond this year so it's not even a long-term repercussion.

Mortimer Peacock:

The Thrashers get a solid, productive defenseman who will do his job, score points, and teach the younguns. The Ducks get to sign Teemu Selanne, who will score 40-something goals for them this year. Ken Klee gets a guaranteed trip to the play-offs.

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