Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The News-uh

Thanks, M.E.S. Now, on to the news.

Mike Knobler has exploded! Lots of articles from training camp:

- Toby Enstrom looking to score more in his second year.

- Erik Christensen injured. I repeat: Erik Christensen injured. Not sure how serious this is, but I don't like the sound of it. It looks like the job of #1 center is definitely going to Jason Williams now.

- Knobler reporting that Chris Thorburn and Todd White are having a good training camp. John Anderson is fulfilling his promise to push players like them to score more goals. I predict Thorburn plays on a line with Marty Reasoner.

- More Knobler fun here.

- Maali at Fire Wagon wonders: Could the Leafs have a good season? With Ron at the helm anything could happen.

- Erik Johnson has torn his ACL and his MCL. Big Shooter can tell you that means an entire hockey season missed. Poor guy; I hope he recovers in time to represent the United States in 2010. If I were a Blues fan (I mean, I do like them, but I mean a Fan Fan) I'd be falling into despair right about now. 

- A lot of pre-season games going on around the league. Where are my season tickets?


Tiffany said...

Links always helpful boys :)

Listen, between you, me, and everyone reading the comments? I'm not entirely sure Knobler knows what the hell he's talking about. Just sayin'.

Mortimer Peacock said...

No, I have to agree, he doesn't. He's no Craig.