Friday, September 12, 2008

More on the 3rd Jersey

ATLANTA: The club will introduce a dark red jersey with the word “THRASHERS” on the front, just above the player’s uniform number, which will appear on both sides of the design. A broad white stripe will adorn each arm of the jersey with a dark red number in the stripe. A broad white-and-dark blue stripe will run down the sides of the jersey.

Taken from our "friends" over at HockeyBuzz. Specifically, Howard Berger, who is part of the dreaded Toronto sports media, but we'll take our info where we can get it during the off season.

This sounds a bit more promising to me. I'm hoping that the red is more of the maroon that is part of the original logo than that bright red in the picture we've previously seen. With the number in the middle and the stripe on the side, I think it should end up looking pretty good.

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