Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NHL to Vegas?

James Mirtle, who seems to be in a Vegas state of mind these days (and really, why shouldn't he be?), has happened upon a Las Vegas Sun article that claims "Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer, MGM Studios CEO Harry Sloan and Wall Street financier David Bonderman" are partnering to bring an NHL franchise to Vegas by October 2010.

Good, I say. The best part? The proposed 20,000-seat arena has a good chance of being built right behind the Strip! After the game you can stumble right across the street to the Bellagio and watch the dancing fountain show, drunk.

Okay, so what's the name going to be?

My suggestions:
The Vegas Sinatras
The Las Vegas Wayne Newton (not plural, mind, but singular)
The Las Vegas Lounge Lizards
The Vegas Siegfrieds
The Las Vegas Mafia
...anyone else have better ideas?

Whatever name they choose, their mascot should be a dancing slot machine.


Razor Catch Prey said...

Of course, they could only be the Sigfrieds if they are coached by Patrick Roy.

My suggestion is that they should be the Las Vegas Maple Leafs, keeping the name they had before they were moved from Toronto.

Big Shooter said...

Hookers. The Las Vegas Hookers.

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas Scorpions
Las Vegas Rattlesnakes

Big Shooter said...

I like Scorpions.

If named this, no other music in the arena would be allowed except for The Scorpions.

Ah, Heaven.

Anonymous said...

The Vegas Strippers

Mortimer Peacock said...

I think we have a winner.

Anonymous said...

it's been the name of my fantasy hockey team for the last 5 years: The Las Vegas Underworld