Monday, September 15, 2008

More News from Nowhere

Robert Lang is old, signs with Canadiens. Mats Sundin out of the question.

Wayne Himself says the league's reliance on new, non-traditional hockey markets is a good and healthy thing. Coyotes AT LEAST make it to the playoffs this year. Surely.

Mirtle thinks the Penguins might take a hit this season. Compared to last season, that is. It's possible, I reckon...but assuming either Crosby or Malkin, or both, stay healthy they can't have THAT much to worry about. Unless Fleury goes. Fleury goes and their hopes and dreams get thrown in Guantanamo along with the former librarian of Wasilla, Alaska.

Ovechkin is back on North American soil. That means Kovalchuk can't be far behind...Tarik El-Bashir's take here. Craig Custance's here.

Thrashers' prospects defeat Rangers' prospects up at Traverse City tournament. They haven't allowed a goal yet. Awesome awesome awesome.

From here on the news is political, so if you can't stand it, look away now.

In non-hockey news, the economy is collapsing and your house/apartment is worth nothing. You'll be homeless in a fortnight and your bank has already burned all your savings and eaten the ashes.

In that vein: Merrill-Lynch, apparently some kind of banking and investment institution owned by relatives of great gay American poet James Merrill, has no choice but to be eaten by an outfit called Bank of America, which reporters claim is also a bank.

Obama finally shows signs of non-pussydom (i.e., actually standing up to McCain's moronic smears and made up shit).

Apparently, a slight majority of God's Own Nation enjoys the banking and housing crisis and fully intends to support a regimen of more Bush-style tax cuts matched with cuts in spend--, er, tax cuts matched with heaps of borrowed money lavished on our eternal wars against Russia, Iran, and Evil. Apparently this will make economic sense when Ilya Kovalchuk is in Gitmo and Johan Hedberg is food on Sarah Palin' plate.

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