Monday, September 15, 2008

Sad Goodbye To One Of The Best

Sudden deaths are difficult to take. Seems like we've had our share lately. Jack Falla passed away at age 62.

Most of you probably don't know Jack. Put simply, he wrote one of the best books of all time, "Home Ice". Jack was a hockey writer, and Home Ice was his best work. Yes it is a book about hockey. But it is much more than that. There are lots of books about the sport hockey. But very few that focus on the relationships you make through hockey.

Home Ice was about Falla's backyard rink he built for his family. He wrote about all the good times family and friends had on the rink. It is one of the few books that describes hockey the way I see it, as much more than just the greatest sport on the planet. He focuses on hockey at it's very core, friendships.

I hope I have left you wanting to read this great book. If so, I'll make it very easy for you... click here. Jack has a brand new book out called "Open Ice". While I recommend Home Ice first, look here to read up on his new book.

RIP Jack. Hopefully you are somewhere that is cold year round and where the backyard rink never closes.

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.


Tiffany said...

aw man. i effin LOVE that book. i've read it probably 10 times. always a go-to when i want to read and don't have anything new.

we'll miss you jack! stay classy, and get some rinks up in heaven!

Big Shooter said...

I've read it several times myself. It is also my go-to when I don't have anything to read.

Guess I'll have to check out his new one...