Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Preview: Coyotes

I don't know. You know? I really like these guys. Mainly I like Peter Mueller alot. What's not to like about the Coyotes. I mean some famous hockey player is the head coach. I forget his name on occasion, maybe it'll come to me later. Anyways. You got guys like Shane Doan, Steven Reinprecht, Ed Jovanovski, Derek Morris, Peter Mueller, and our old friend from the Panthers Olli Jokinen. Also Ilya Bryzgalov ain't too shabby either.

Maybe we're in a new era of Coyotes. Old Winnipeg Jets if you recall, they just haven't been kickin it lately. Some of my favorite players in the NHL have been connected to the Coyotes one way or another: Teemu Selanne (obviously never played for Coyotes, but we do know what he did with the Jets), my personal favorite player Jeremy Roenick, and our once mercenary, Keith Tkachuk. So I have an affection to this team.

So can this team go far next year? Maybe. Getting Olli was pretty cool. I mean they're no Sharks or Red Wings or even Blackhawks in my opinion. But the Coyotes are the kind of team I really like. They were in that area last year like Edmonton and the Blackhawks, those "mid level" West Coast teams that are just so damn fun. Also, we can only hope the players can take a tip or two an tap into their head coach. What's his name........? I just can't remember. Wayne something or another.

I can only wonder who will do the Sharks post on here....hmm........


Big Shooter said...

I have this awful feeling that no matter what the Yotes do, they will always finish 9-12.

You know they haven't won a playoff series since moving to Phoenix. Sad. Very sad.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Don't be so pessimistic, Shooter. You know that Wayne Himself is going to lace up and play on the fourth line next season.